Store Hours

Store Hours:

Monday: Friday 9AM - 8PM 
Saturday: 9AM - 7PM
Sunday: Closed


Kirk at Racoon


8025 South Ave


Our Mission

Our mission has always been to offer our customers quality products with full service at low prices.  Rulli Bros. controls our costs by value purchasing goods in large volumes, rapidly turning over inventory with low prices and maintaining a large and diverse group of vendors.  This allows us to buy goods at the most competitive prices.  We are one of the largest producers of locally grown produce in the area, including apples and mushrooms year round and seasonal corn, peppers, onions, greens, and numerous other items.  As a family owned  and operated business, Rulli Bros. honors the tradition of Sunday's primarily for their employees' benefit.  And despite limited operating hours, this retailer maintains sales at or above national industry averages.


Our Videos

You will see various commercials throughout our site that have run in the past.  We wanted to give you an idea of who we are and what we are about in a unique and sometimes funny way.  We always offer ways to save money and we are always updating our weekly commercials to get this information out to you as fast as possible.  Enjoy!!